Forney Shell
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Hello! My name is Forney Shell and I am a travel planner for Globe Travel of Charlottesville. I live in Fluvanna County Virginia where I serve on the Chamber of Commerce and also belong to the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce. I am a full service travel planner which means I work with all cruise lines and international travel companies. In addition to extensive personal travel, I hold a diploma in "Master Travel" from a division of The National Education Corporation. I am certified as a travel expert by the LasVegas Convention Bureau and Princess Cruise Lines. In most cases, my fees are paid by the companies I work with , not my clients. Each moment of life becomes a memory and I work hard to ensure your travel experiences become memories you'll always cherish.

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Forney Shell
14 Blackwood Lane Palmyra, VA 22963 (434) 591-6020
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